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Bramlett School of Real Estate

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Welcome to Bramlett School

of Real Estate


Our Mission is to provide quality education for real estate professionals in convenient locations across America.

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Bramlett School of Real Estate
145 West Washington Street
Monticello, GA 31064


Phone: (706) 468-2116; Fax (706) 468-0025

E-mail: CBram91650@aol.com



To contact us:

Interested in becoming a Georgia Real Estate Appraiser?  Classes are scheduled on Saturday’s and Sunday’s over a six week period.   Call (706) 468-2116 for details!

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Now Offering ONLINE Courses—Available 24-7

· Appraisal

· Real Estate

· Home Inspection

· Mortgage

A 90 hour string of Appraisal classes that meet requirements for becoming Registered Appraiser in Georgia to be offered soon. Call (706) 468- 2116 for details.

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